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Where are you located?

We are in the town of Antioch, Illinois.  Take any north south road to Illinois Rte. 173.  Going west on 173, you will find us two miles west of Highway 59.  We are on the South side of the road.

What are your hours?

We are open every day at 10:00, except Sundays are 12:00.  We close at 1:00 am on week days and 2:00am on Friday and Saturday. note: if no one is out and about, we will close early.

Do you have bands on weekends?

No, we are currently not having bands due to the economy and the high charges of royality fees.

Are children allowed to come play darts?

Illinois law allows children to be in a bar with a parent until 9:00 at night.  Children are not allowed to be at the bar.  We expect you will keep children near you and properly behaved.

Do you have leagues?

Yes, we have both pool and dart leagues.  We are always looking for more players.  Check out our league schedule page for more information.

Do you have the sports package?

No we do not.  We find it is just too expensive and would not prove to pay off.  We do have dish and will have any game of your choice on one or all of the five TVs we have here.  Come and enjoy your favorite event on our
62 inch plasma screen.

Where is the dart store?

Darts and More is located in a separate room inside of Steve's Sports Bar. All ages are welcome in this area!




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